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    Thanks for the assistance so far, I will recap below along with a follow-up on the sizing issue I am having.

    Atop each main page where we are using up to 5 featured images, there are 4 to the right that are fine but the larger to the left stretches in aspect ratio. This just started a couple days to a week ago.

    Solution #1 below didn’t quite work:

    I see your website and using Free version of TiMagazine. Actually we are using a fake crop JS ( https://bit.ly/2ElraOi ) for crop that image. that’s why the image are stretched. for get rid this issue please use this CSS code and the code you put from here wp admin-> appearance->customize-> additional CSS

    .featured-col-6 img {height: auto !important;}

    If you have any questions please use this https://www.themetim.com/forums/
    When I do this the images are fit inside the box but not responsive to fill the box.

    Any other ideas so the site remains responsive around devices and image sizes?



    Could you please let me know another option to address the image skewing issues we are having on our site? It only affects the largest image of “featured posts” section at the top of all pages. I tried the solution above and it did have an effect but it wasn’t a solution as the images didn’t fit right after trying. The image would fix a specific size and not respond by device or resolution like all of the other images on the site always have. This issue started a few weeks ago, seemingly out of nowhere but possibly alongside a theme update. Using the time magazine theme and the site is goradiomn.com. Thanks for the assistance!


    Happy New Year!

    Okay I’m trying to get rid this issue for you as much i can.
    So, you have to go style.css line number 623 ( https://www.screencast.com/t/vjMSxXDwT )
    then remove the width: auto !important; add height: auto !important; there.

    The big image look like this https://www.screencast.com/t/5QcMNZa6dPW now.
    Hope it will be work for you.



    Thanks Rahman, I was able to add to add’l CSS and the images would be fixed at the original size but not responsive across devices and positions nor do they properly fill the slot. I have the support chat w/ WordPress available for updates. We are wordpress hosted so rely on them for the code changes. The screenshot you sent shows the fix working perfectly. Are you able to adjust that code or would that have to be done by wordpress since we don’t have direct access on our end. I can adjust additional CSS but no combination works correctly.

    I could send the WordPress chat directly to you if helpful but would want to take that off the support string. Here is the final message from WordPress and why I ask:

    Are you able to access the full CSS code if that comes up in the next steps of troubleshooting? I would love to change it in line 623 because it showed to work when followed as requested by the theme dev in the screenshot. Our result adding it to add’l css was different.

    Might not override correctly.

    I think I have needed that work done by WP in the past based on how we are hosted.

    We are unable to edit the code for you and we highly discourage editing the code directly. The problem comes when you update your theme, the new theme update will overwrite your changes and potentially break your site.

    Please let me know if you run into any errors.


    Ok, then you have to adjust for additional css or create a child theme for change theme style by someone else or here.



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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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